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Video Poker Basics

First of all, it should be noted that video poker is known to be a hybrid of slots and a classic poker. Moreover, the pace of this gambling game turns out to be rather fast.

Actually, there is a good deal of video poker modifications nowadays. It should be taken into consideration that a key to success in all of them is supposed to be directly connected with knowing fundamental video poker hands.

The Aim of Video Poker

As far as the purpose of video poker is concerned, it turns out to be quite comprehensible and clear. To win in this gambling game a player ought to try to collect the strongest video poker hand. Besides, the hierarchy of video poker hands is likely to be identical in all modifications of this casino game.


Like in slots, betting option appears to be quite poor in video poker. Indeed, a gambler has a possibility to select between the following denominations of the wager: $5, $1, $0.50 or $0.25. It can be done with help of particular buttons. Furthermore, a player may multiply his bet by 2, 3, 4 or 5. If a gambler happens to multiply his stake by 5, it means that he places a maximum wager.


Virtually, all vital info concerning payouts can be found in a pay table, which is integral part of all video poker machines.

Sure thing, placing maximum wagers increases considerably gambler's chances for winning big. The payouts for maximum stakes are supposed to be higher. Consequently, a player should select wisely the betting lever, which is more suitable for him before starting to play video poker.

Naturally, the payouts for different video poker hands as well as the odds turn out to be different. The stronger hand a gambler happens to have, the larger the payout is.

Video Poker Hands

As it was mentioned above, it is extremely vital to make head or tail in main winning hands in video poker. Typically, any hand is known to contain 5 cards. Ace turns out to be the strongest card in the game, while Two is the weakest.

  • A pair - a combination of any 2 cards of identical rank.
  • Pairs - a combination containing 2 pairs.
  • of a kind - a combination of any 3 cards of identical rank.
  • Straight - a combination of any 5 successive cards.
  • Flush - a combination of any 5 cards, which should be of identical color.
  • Full House - 3 of a kind + a pair
  • of a kind - a combination of 4 cards of identical rank.
  • Straight Flush - a combination of 5 successive cards of identical color.
  • Royal Flush - Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of identical suit.

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