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Brief History

Kino, popularly known as keno, was a game much popular in China where it was extensively played among the emperors, warriors, peasants, merchants. It was the Chinese laborers in America who introduced the game to the entrepreneurs of the country who soon took the opportunity to advertise the game in a broader scale.

Keno was also popular with the name of Chinese lottery and was widely played in keno parlors attracting more players each year. The gaming rule is very simple and has much similarity with popular lottery games. In this game the advantage in compared to other lottery games are that the results are much faster and players don't have to wait long for it. Within minutes it's decided who wins the game.

The players have to choose numbers from 1 to 20 in the 80 number series and putting a cross on preferred number you can start playing the game. Selecting a few numbers will give you an option of winning. However there are various bets which can help you in the game. Among the various types the straight ticket are eligible to mark one or two or maybe more numbers. Split ticket is another form where a group of numbers is marked. Way ticket is nothing but combining various groups in a ticket. A multi race ticket is that which helps you play for multiple sessions. This is however a brief knowledge on the gaming history and its basic rules.

Strategy of Keno

The most outrageous laughing matter is that there are specified patters which can help win the game of keno. The game is totally ruled by random numbers with no specified rule of highlighting one number. Just like repetition of one number does not guarantee its appearance the next time, similarly absence of one number doesn't ensure it will come in the next lot.

This is purely random computer generated selection with no rules behind it. Strategy of pattern system in the game of keno is nothing but scam. This strategy maker's charge huge money for these books and the websites has nothing but fraud information. So playing the game is just for fun and pleasure and to relax. Either playing online games at the comfort of your house or playing at the keno parlors with cup of coffee can be pretty relaxing.

However, the suggestion is not to select more than 8 numbers in a ticket as statistics says that it may not be profitable. However since there is no strategy it is essentially a game of luck. So it should be approached with that outlook and enjoyed the most.

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