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Craps Odds

Craps table is the place which has the ability to attract several players by its own terms and techniques. A not even player, every passer-by recognizes the excitement around the table and always acknowledges the same. To understand the excitement better and to be a part of it, it's always better to understand thoroughly the odds and bets of the game. To the experienced players this is informational whereas to inexperienced newcomers this are beneficial understanding.

Different Bets

The most usual bet that influences the game is pass line bet. It is most widely used before Come -Out Roll with the pay of 1:1. House edge in pass line bet always keeps around 1.41%. The don't pass bar is one bet which many players fail to figure out in Crap odds and that's why it is often claimed as wrong bet.

Paying same as the pass line bet the house edge for this game remains at 1.364%. Sometimes this is undoubtedly this is a better bet than the pass line bet. A come bet is the similar as the pass line bet where the only difference is that it is used after come out roll. With same house edge and pay the come bet is not much different. Similarly the don't come bet is similar to don't pass bet that can be used after come out roll with all other parameters of house edge and pay remaining same.

Place bets are the ones made on 10, 9, 8, 6, 5 and 4. If the choice number gets hit before 7 then the bet is considered won. However the house edge and pay is different for each number. For instance bet on 10 and 4 ensures a pay of 9:5 and provides house edge for 6.67%. Bet on 9 or -5 pays of 7:5 and house edge of 4%, and on 8 or -6 pays of 7:6 with house edge for 1.52%. The big 6 or the big 8 bets usually are more considered as rip offs. They work similar to the place bets but paying odds is the worse there.

Opposite to the place bets this requires commission of 5% to be paid by the player. The pay and house edge for this numbers are , for 10 and 4 its 1:2 pay and 2.44% house edge, for 9 and -5 its 2:3 pay and 3.23 house edge and for 8 and -6 its 4% edge and 5:6 pay. There are 4 major hard way bets in craps with pay for 4 and 10 its 7:1 pay and edge 11.11% and for 6 and 8 its 9:1 pay and 9.01% edge.

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