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It goes without saying that craps turns out to be one of the most preferable gambling games. Actually, it is quite reasonable, because unlike keno or bingo, it offers one of the lowest house edges among online casino games. This game is sure to evoke excitement and bring a lot of fun.

On the other hand, if a gambler is eager to spend a really great time while playing craps, he should learn the fundamentals of the game. In this case, he will know how to place the best craps bet and enlarge his chances for success.

History of Craps

Actually, craps is supposed to be rather ancient casino game, which originated about 2,000 years ago. In fact, there exist many theories about its derivation. One of them claims that it appeared somewhere in the Near East. It was referred to as "azzahr".

Then, this game is supposed to have come in France, where it was renamed into "hasard". Afterwards, it was brought to England. The Englishmen used to call it "hazard". Later, it travelled to Acadia, a French colony in Canada.

Then, the Englishmen defeated the French and captured Acadia. Consequently, the French went to New Orleans, where the game was refined. They started to refer it as "crabs". Later it was transformed into "craps".

Rules of the Game

It must be said that craps is known to be a casino game, which is commonly played with the help of 2 dice. Before each game round the wagers are made by the gamblers. Moreover, it should be noted that a player, who starts a game round is called the "Shooter". His purpose is to throw out 7, in this case he is likely to win.

Wagers in Craps

It must be said that craps turn out to provide gamblers with rather wide betting option. Here is a list of some common wagers is craps.

  • Pass Line - is made in order to establish the shooter. If 7 turn out to be an outcome, a player, who throws the dice, wins. If 2, 3 or 12 appear, the shooter is likely to lose. If any other number appears it turns out to become a point. Afterwards, the shooter should roll it once again before 7 appears. The house edge of this stake seems to be 1.414%. Consequently it is one of the best stakes in craps.
  • Don't Pass - is an opposite wager to the Pass Line Stake. The house edge appears to be 1.402%.
  • Any Craps - is wager on the following numbers: 2, 3 or 12. The house edge turns out to be 11.11%. Eventually, it is supposed to be one of the worst wagers in the game.

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