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Casino Bonus Strategy

To begin with, when online gambling emerged casino bonuses used to be huge. On the other hand wagering requirements used to be inconsiderable. Moreover, there were really few gambling houses on the Internet. That is why, there was no extreme necessity in bonus hunting.

Nowadays, without any exaggerations, bonus hunting seems to be one of the most widely recognized online casino bonus strategies among online gamblers

The Birth of Bonus Hunting

It should be mentioned that the birth of bonus hunting is considered to have been originated in Denmark. Some Dane gamblers worked out a strategy, with the help of which it was quite easy to make money on casino bonuses.

Actually, the scheme was pretty simple. A gambler deposited $100 on his account and he was granted with $100 as a welcome bonus. Then he placed several low-risk stakes and cashed in $200 or even more. Indeed, it was extremely simple method of earning money, which did not take much effort.

Casino players received their money back on their credit cards. Within a fortnight or even a week they received their winnings by check. Later, gamblers started to rush a great number of casinos, signing in and making use of their bonuses. In such a way bonus hunting emerged.

Moreover, it should be noted that bonus hunting became extremely popular among gamblers after TV program, which was broadcast on Danish TV. Actually, it resulted in the so-called "casino-rush".

Casinos Measures

Nowadays, the majority of online casinos is known to take various steps in order to prevent the bonus hunting. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Online casinos turn out to make huge wagering requirements. Due to this it is hardly possible to withdraw the bonuses. In fact, a gambler may spend them on wagering only.
  • The so called "sticky" bonuses were implanted by online casinos.
  • Risk-free wagers were banned by online casinos.
  • In some casinos, it is not forbidden to meet wagering requirements if you play games with a small house edge such as baccarat, craps, blackjack or video poker.

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